What is KoreSphere?

KoreSphere is a unique and effective massage tool that combines the healing benefits of heat and ice. The KoreSphere stainless-steel massage ball is equipped with a special thermal gel core that gets activated in hot water or in the freezer. If you want the feeling of a hot stone massage, just heat the KoreSphere massage roller ball up. For a cold compress that soothes sore muscles, toss KoreSphere in the freezer. It’s truly that easy.

The rubber grip features an ergonomic design that is easy to hold while applying pressure to your body’s trigger points and prevents your hand from getting too hot or too cold.

Heat up KoreSphere for a soothing massage or cool it down for 6+ hours of cryotherapy right in the palm of your hand. Don’t be hot and cold on recovery - go all in with KoreSphere.

KoreSphere is recommended for sore muscles, as well as migraines, sprains, and other chronic pain.


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