What is KoreTense?

KoreTense is a portable resistance training system that offers over 50 workouts designed to help you lose weight, increase your flexibility, and safely build muscle. Resistance bands are high-intensity and low-impact, making them a smart alternative to free weights. The KoreTense resistance band kit includes 5 stackable bands that offer up to 100lbs of resistance, a helpful exercise guide, and quick and easy setup to add some necessary convenience and versatility to your workout. Resistance bands come recommended by physical therapists and athletes alike because they are a great way to safely get in shape. When you workout with resistance bands, you don’t have the lingering soreness that comes with lifting free weights.

KoreTense is also completely portable. Bring it with you to the gym, to your hotel on a work trip, or even bring it into the office. This resistance band kit is the perfect way to get an effective workout no matter where you are!

Every exercise you do at the gym - you can now do at home with KoreTense.


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