How do I check my sleep patterns on the KoreHealth App?

Step 1:
Sleep as you normally would with your Kore 2.0 fitness watch on the outside of your arm, just below the wrist ensuring skin and sensors are touching for the best reading.

Step 2:
Sleep patterns will automatically sync to the KoreHealth App. If your smartphone is not in the range of Kore 2.0 while you sleep, all of your sleep data from the night before will sync automatically once Kore 2.0 pairs with the KoreHealth app.

Step 3:
The watch will monitor sleep data in the full 24hrs intervals. The watch will ONLY display the longest sleeping duration in this 24hrs period. In addition, the watch will ONLY record different sleep if there are 2 hrs in between sleep.

Note: Sleep data is determined by the movement of the wrist during sleep. Be sure that the front of the device is facing up when you wear it, adjust the watch and ensure that it fits the skin to avoid wearing too loose or too tight. If you don’t plan on wearing it while you sleep, take it off and put it sideways or facedown on the table to reduce miscalculation of sleep.

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